Winesburg, Ohio and Lost in Winesburg were funded by an Ohio University 1804 Foundation Award and the Ohio Humanities Council. Filmed entirely on location in Athens, Nelsonville, Logan and Pomeroy, the films are a unique collaboration between the local community and Ohio University students, alumni, staff and faculty.

Winesburg, Ohio is an experimental narrative, freely adapted from the classic novel by Sherwood Anderson, mentor to Faulkner and Hemingway, and inspired by 'the hunger to see below the surface of lives'. In the film, as in the book, a young reporter in small town Ohio circa1919, moves through a mysterious, labyrinthine world, glimpsing the dreams and disappointments of local inhabitants, as they relive the moments that renders them grotesque.

Lost in Winesburg is a documentary that examines both the enduring legacy of Anderson's book, by examining present day small-town Ohio, and the attempt to adapt Winesburg, Ohio for the screen. The film follows the creative process of the actors and crew as they immerse themselves in the suprisingly controversial production. Whilst the production takes some unfortunate twists and turns, the residents of Clyde grapple with their hometown hero and his portrait of their way of life. Ultimately, Lost in Winesburg confronts the possibility that some stories are best left untold.